About DK Mateli

DK Mateli is a small FIFe Cattery where the cats lives in the house with us. The family consists of me, Louise, who is the driving force behind the cattery, my boyfriend Christhopher and my two sons Mathias and Elias. Besides the cattery's lovely ragdolls we also have two domestic cats and an Australian Shepher, Saga.

Our cats are a part of the familiy and when we have kittens the grow up in the middle of the house. Thereby the kittens will be used to kids, dogs and household sounds. We spend a lot of time socializing with the kittens. Both because we find it very important to us that our kittens are happy and can adjust to their new families, but also simply because we can't help ourselves.

I am a veterinarian and work in a clinic for family pets.

As a breeder I have completed the Diploma Breeder education under Felis Danica and I seek out lectures and courses that can expand my knowledge about cat health and breeding.

I fell in love with ragdolls in the summer of 2018. At first I fell in love with their beautiful exterior and began to read about the breed. Then it was head over heels in love. Besides being absolutely stunning ragdolls also have an amazing mind. 

My number one wish is of course to breed healthy, race typical cats with an amazing mind. I took contact to a Danish ragdoll breeder for help with becoming a breeder. That resulted in me getting my cattery name, DK Mateli, in autumn 2018. The name is a mix of my two sons name, Mathias and Elias.

Because of practical formalities I did not get a ragdoll before spring 2020. Little lovely Rainy was born on my birthday and moved in during May. Unfortunately we lost our sweet girl only three months later.

A year went by before we got another ragdoll in the house. But then we picked up two lovely girls during the summer of 2021. S* Raggababa Canasta by Qvantum Diamon, a loving brown bicolour from Sweden and DK Big-Bang Auriga Vananda, a blue mitted girl from breeder Susan Jonassen. 

All of my cats are being DNA-tested for HCM, PKD and blood type. I find it very exciting to immerse myself in genetics and because of that I find it very interesting to work with different colors of ragdolls in my breeding.

Our breeding will have a focus on red/creme/tortie and lilac/chocolate as well as the traditional colors brown and blue with and without tabby (stribes). I hope to make lilac and chocolate torties. They are very rare.