Buying a kitten

Before you buy a kitten there are a lot of things to consider. Here you can see a list of questions that I suggest you read and try to answer before getting a kitten. I will of course guide you and answer any questions along the way, but I suggest that you spend some thing thinking these things over.

  • Do I have the time to take care of the kitten during everyday life? 
  • Do I have the finances to care for the cat with food, cat litter, vaccinations, insurance, veterinary care, etc.? 
  • A cat can become 20 year of age. Can I take of it for that long? 
  • Is there any family members or close friends who are allergic to cats?
  • Is the cat safe where I life? 
  • Do I know enough about the cats physical needs? 
  • Do I know enough about the cats emotional needs? Where do I get help if I meet behavioral problems? 
  • Is there any other cats or other animals in the household, that needs to be prepared for the new cat. 
  • Does my kids know how to interact with a cat in a good and safe way? 
  • Do I have the necessary equipment for the cat? Transport box, litter box, cat litter, food and water bowls, food, scratching posts, dens, brushes, toys, etc. 
  • What will I do with the cat if I am going on a vacation? 
  • What will I do if I want be able to keep the cat? 

Besides that it is important to consider what type of cat that you want and read up on the breed that you are considering to find out if the cat match you wishes.

The ragdoll is a very social cat. It is mostly some big and a little lazy cats who loves to be near you and wait for you at the door like a dog. This does not necessarily mean that you are guaranteed a cat that wants to lie on your lap just because you buy a ragdoll. It varies greatly from cat to cat.

It is important to point out, that even though ragdolls are lazy and calm cats, a ragdoll kitten will still have normal kitten behavior. It will need stimulation and play time and can be just as wild as any other kitten. You do not get a teddy bear, when you buy a ragdoll kitten.

When you have made these considerations it is time to find a breeder. It is okay to visit more than one breeder, but be serious and honest in your search. 

Talk with your breeder about your thoughts and wishes to your future cat. As breeders we will always try to assess the kitten's mind and make the best match.

If you have specific wishes for color, pattern and sex you must expect to wait for a longer time before the kitten arrives, because we can not predict which combinations we will get.

Do you have a dream about tending a cat show it is important to let your breeder know. Not all cats will be good for show both in regards of the cats mind but also some cats can have color errors that will not be allowed. Let your breeder help you pick the right kitten for you.